We're Changing Medicine.
Change it with us.
Change It
With Us
It's the exceptional doctors and the innovative science. The renowned patient care and the outstanding partners. It’s the power of Weill Cornell Medicine. And it’s why we are the only institution uniquely positioned to shape the future of medicine. With your help we can expand our impact around the globe, set a new standard for the development of life-saving treatments, deliver equitable and evidence-based care, and continue the ground-breaking research that will improve the quality of life for millions of people. We’re Changing Medicine. Change it with us.
The Campaign
To Change Medicine
Weill Cornell Medicine's vision for the future means expanding and elevating our ability to care, discover and teach. Our campaign to raise $1.5 billion will help us continue caring for the whole patient for their whole life, bring together visionary scientists and clinicians to make revolutionary breakthroughs, and train medicine's future leaders.
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When I look at the opportunities ahead for Weill Cornell Medicine, we are in a remarkable position of strength. Through collaboration, our commitment to diversity and inclusion, and community partnerships — and the ongoing support of our donors and friends — we will continue to change medicine.
Dean Robert A. Harrington
medical students received debt-relief scholarships for the 2021-2022 school year
Because we can. Because we must.

Help us make a greater impact on as many lives as possible.

Jeffrey Feil
With deep gratitude for those who’ve helped us change medicine.
Together we are taking on the biggest challenges in medicine and investing in all three areas of Weill Cornell Medicine’s mission. We couldn’t do this without the ongoing dedication of our donors and the Weill Cornell Medicine community who drive us to the forefront of revolutionary science and medicine. We are changing medicine together.
Jeffrey Feil, Campaign Co-Chair
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