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Infectious Diseases

Rising to the challenge. How we faced one of the most dangerous health crises of our lifetime.

Early on in the pandemic, New York City was the epicenter for coronavirus in the United States. And nothing has shown the power of Weill Cornell Medicine better than our response. Our doctors, researchers and students marshaled their expertise to care for New York while advancing the science that’s combating the virus today.

Patient Story WCM helped safely deliver twins during the pandemic.
Because we don’t know what comes next.

As we adapt and prepare for new and novel threats, we’re still focused on deepening our understanding of existing infectious diseases, antimicrobial drug resistance, hepatitis, HIV/AIDS, human papillomavirus (HPV), respiratory viruses and life-threatening infections in immunocompromised patients. Continued investment and advancements in these areas stand to benefit a vast number of patients, around the globe, who will go on to live longer, better lives.

Weill Cornell Medicine is committed to several important global health initiatives such as conducting infectious disease care and research in resource-poor countries like Brazil, Haiti and Tanzania. 

By expanding our current infectious disease and virology laboratories, we can advance major clinical research projects, improving public health all over the world.