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Brain Health

Brain Health

Rethinking brain health.

Three of five Americans will develop a brain disease in their lifetime.

As one of the leaders in the field, Weill Cornell Medicine’s physicians and scientists offer early diagnoses and compassionate and forward-thinking care to patients who suffer from diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. They’re working to eradicate these, and other diseases through life-changing advances in medical and surgical therapeutics. 

Understanding disparities through research.

Up until recently, most treatments were designed around one type of person, without taking race or gender into account. But new innovations and technologies allow us to study a wider swath of patients from all races and nationalities and tailor treatments across all populations.

Researchers have discovered that the short-term risk of a second stroke is about 60 percent higher for African-American patients than it is for white patients. Using data like this, our clinicians can build upon their precision health expertise and improve the quality of treatments across all populations. Providing real, immediate impact on their lives.