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All together: Making the fight against cancer personal.

Researchers and doctors at the Sandra and Edward Meyer Cancer Center collaborate across the Weill Cornell Medicine network to provide patients with the best available evaluations and therapies - including access to precision medicine advances and immune-based treatments. 

By leveraging the strengths of our Englander Institute for Precision Medicine, we employ genomic techniques to precisely determine the molecular roots of an individual patient’s illness and craft a customized treatment plan to specifically target their form of cancer. 

Patient Story WCM helped Cheryl beat a rare blood cancer.
We need to do even more.

Expanding the breadth of those who participate in our research studies and clinical trials allows us to better investigate how genetics and social determinants of health are linked to certain illnesses in underrepresented communities.

Today, we are just scratching the surface of what can be. To end cancer and change the future for a growing number of patients in New York City and beyond, we must expand our research capabilities and clinical facilities.